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At Mikula Forge we make contemporary metal work using ancient blacksmithing techniques.

I forge pieces that are both challenging to me, that will hold lasting value, have gravitas, enhance their surroundings and link the past and present.

To turn an inherently hard material into a plastic state, work it with tools used for centuries with techniques passed from master to apprentice through the ages and be able to make my own designs is what makes this creative process magical and fascinating to me.

I forge my sculptures from antique ox wagon parts that were originally forged in England about a 150 years ago.  These helped make the South African Ox Wagon the best heavy transport in it’s day.  This material is perfect for my sculptures, as it not only is almost pure wrought iron, but holds the history and context that is reflected in the finished piece.

My forge runs exclusively off the sun and I strive to live and work as sustainably as possible. (see BBC article)


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